Orbx Extends “May Madness” Sale to PNW Products

In case you aren’t on the Flight Sim Store’s email list, here’s a little surprise: Orbx just extended their May Madness sale to include all downloadable products. That means that for this month, you can get NA Blue, Stark’s Twin Oaks, and Darrington Municipal for 30% off the normal list price. Already got these three? Tell your friends! More info at the FSS website.

3 responses to “Orbx Extends “May Madness” Sale to PNW Products

  1. Charles Earl

    Sometimes it pays to wait. Haha. This is good news though. For what I paid for PNW alone, I could have bought PNW and Twin Oaks. Great scenery anyway. :p


  2. Newegg has FSX Gold for 29.99 use a coupon (today only) and get it for 26.99. Makes a good backup for the investment.

  3. As I already bought PNW and the fantastic scenery that’s available for it when it was first released[Thanks for your fantastic work Bill] I decided to have a look at “The Land Down Under” And WOW!! I’m very Happy I did!!

    Hervey Bay airport/scenery is just an incredible FPS friendly, immersive experience!! and at a great price!You can’t go wrong with FTX

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