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As promised last week, this blog is getting a bit of a facelift and an upgrade. I’m pleased to announce that the new is open for business. From now on, please direct your browsers to for blog updates, info on my scenery products, my freeware downloads, and more. If you subscribe to this blog, be sure and read the introductory post on the new site for info on updating your subscription link.

Onward and upward, my friends!

Coming Soon:!

Hey, look at that! It’s Saturday, and I’ve got no post for you (cue sad trombone). There’s a silver lining this time, though. I’m smack in the middle of moving this blog from onto its own server, with a new domain name: This blog will continue there, with all the previous posts intact, but there will be new content as well, including one consolidated place you can go for info on my FS projects and products, payware and freeware.

Keep an eye out. I’m working on the site design and structure this weekend, so hopefully I can get it live sometime this coming week.

Orbx Extends “May Madness” Sale to PNW Products

In case you aren’t on the Flight Sim Store’s email list, here’s a little surprise: Orbx just extended their May Madness sale to include all downloadable products. That means that for this month, you can get NA Blue, Stark’s Twin Oaks, and Darrington Municipal for 30% off the normal list price. Already got these three? Tell your friends! More info at the FSS website.

Introducing Stark’s Twin Oaks Airpark for FSX!

Okay, maybe “introducing” is a smidge of hyperbole since I’ve been yakking about this scenery for a while now. What I’ve been waiting to say for ages is finally true, however… Continue reading

Fanboy Friday: Announcement Time!

I had a whole FF post worked up in my head, and was just about to start writing yesterday when I got an email from John Venema that was like a red-hot poker to my backside (in a good way). I’ve been waiting a long time to say this. Continue reading

Big Release News

Here’s the news a whole lot of anxious ‘simmers have been waiting for: Continue reading

If there was a list, would you join it?

As this blog grows in popularity, I’m considering adding some new features. One of the things I am thinking about is creating an email newsletter that offers subscribers the inside scoop on my upcoming project progress and releases. I’m curious… if I were to do something like that, would you be interested in signing up for it? Obviously, there would be no cost. It’s just a way for me to keep better in touch with the community and gauge interest in my projects.

Another feature I just added is the ability to create polls. So here’s the first one for you: