No Layered Paint Kit? No problem!

Here’s a little tutorial I cobbled together for some fellow repainters who were working on the Carenado C185. Carenado doesn’t release layered paint kits, so the video shows my work-around that delivers layered results using the flattened blank textures.

To see more detail, be sure to visit the video page on YouTube and view it in 720 HD.

5 responses to “No Layered Paint Kit? No problem!

  1. Great insights. Thanks for the post.

  2. Nikitas Samprakos

    nice work…im gonna repaint all carenado aircrafts!!!

  3. Great tips, thanks a million

  4. Bill,

    WOW! You look, just like you sound! 😉

    Thank you for some more Photoshop techniques! This has helped me tremendously, I have been struggling with the “Blend If..” in the Blend options, and it has been quite difficult. I have been using Phtotshop since version 6 and even today( CS 4 ), I am STILL LEARNING new techniques, features and about the program in general.

    Nice tutorial; simple short and to the point!

    Again, thanks!

  5. Boa Tarde, Consegues fazer o repaint do AC690B? $$

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