First Look at Bear Gulch X Buildings

Mea culpa. I meant to post a review of EZDok Camera 1.15 this weekend, but I got caught up in a bunch of work and family stuff and had to let it slip. Part of the busy was working on Emma Field – specifically, the new Bear Gulch buildings that will be included in the package. Lest you think I’ve forgotten about you, here’s this weekend’s work…

12 responses to “First Look at Bear Gulch X Buildings

  1. Shaping up nicely Bill, only been four years in the making! 😉

  2. Can’t wait to see what you’re hiding in those sheds Bill! haha!!

  3. Put out some Geo-cache

  4. wow! thanks for bringin’ us your imagination bill…the buildings, as well as everything else you do, look fantastic!

  5. Phil Raulston "BigDBlue"

    Very nice Bill. Can’t wait for Emma to be released.

  6. STefaan Cappelle

    Never got Emma Field for FS2004, so probably don’t know what I’m missing 🙂
    But I’ll definitely go for the FSX version.
    Looking forward to it.

  7. Beutiful workmanship as always. The cottge is strangely familiar. It looks a lot like the Craftman houses that Sears sold in the thirties for $750. The porch column should be tapered
    The shed dormer by being inset poses somse architectural problems and I doubt any decent builder would put it installed that way. The water leaks, especially with any accumulation of snow ould be horrendous.

    • Thanks, Bob. The cottage is taken 100% from a house I found in rural North Carolina, dormers and all. I guess they don’t worry about snow too much in those parts. 😉

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  9. Will Emma ever FSX happen??
    regards Shaun.

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