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Only a few hours left to vote for Plum Island!

The SimFlight Awards voting wraps up at midnight tonight, GMT. That’s 4pm for you American West-Coasters! If you haven’t voted yet, please take a moment to put a few check marks by your favorite add-ons this year. And hey, if you happen across the Scenery: Airport category and you feel moved to tick “FSAddon Plum Island”, that would be okay with me. 😉

UPDATE: Thanks to everyone who took the time to vote. The winners will be announced at a special dinner on October 25. Fingers crossed!

Papa needs a trophy

They say it’s an honor just to be nominated. If so, then I’m truly honored, for Plum Island has been nominated for a SimFlight award this year!

Here’s a little confession: Since I was a little Bill, I’ve lusted after my very own gleaming golden statue. Maybe it was exposure to the Oscars at too young an age. Because I didn’t play sports in school, never joined the debate team, and was never the kid who went three years without missing a day, somehow I made it to 44 without once picking up a statuette of any sort (unless you count that bowling trophy I bought at a yard sale).

Here’s my plea to you: if you have Plum Island, if you enjoyed the screenshots of the project I posted here, even if you just like the way Plum Island sounds, go visit SimFlight and cast your vote today. I’m about on screen 6 of the voting process, under Scenery: Airport. If you don’t have add-ons in the other categories, you can always vote “Not voting in this category”, but do me a solid and put your check mark next to FSAddon Plum Island in the airport scenery section.

How often do you have the power to make a childhood dream come true?