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Shop Talk with the Guys at FSBreak

Last Sunday I had the opportunity to do an interview with Eric McClintock and Mark Stewart of FSBreak, the weekly podcast. I was a little nervous about it. After all, I’ve never done radio or audio interviews before. Turns out I needn’t have worried. It was great fun, and we had a good chat about a wide range of FS scenery topics.

Give it at listen!

The Next 100 Dollar Burger Airport

Wow, where did the time go? Seems like only a couple of days ago, we released Tongass Fjords. For the record, I’m not dead, just busy. Now that Tongass has been turned loose, I’ve been turning my attention to several other projects for FSX. Emma Field X is on my short list, as is Stark’s Twin Oaks Airpark (designed to work with the upcoming ORBX Pacific Northwest scenery). If you enjoyed Plum Island, have no fear — another 100 Dollar Burger airport is in the works as well… Continue reading

Who’s Ready to Explore Alaska?

Yep, it’s finally time. After years of development and months of testing, a big patch of SE Alaska is finally available for you FSX bush pilots… Continue reading

Laugh in a Cracker’s Face!

The Avsim forums are up and running again, and even seem to be largely intact from before. That’s an astounding effort from all involved. Good job, fellas.

Oh, and take THAT, whichever lowlife scuzzball thought it’d be fun to wipe them out. Now let’s show our team spirit and go make or comment on a forum posting today.


Emma Field Inspiration

I’ve been so wrapped up in finishing Tongass Fjords lately that I haven’t taken the time to post on Emma Field’s progress. Here’s a little taste of what’s going on… Continue reading

Avsim Hack Makes the News

Occasionally, our little hobby grabs the attention of the mainstream press—usually when things go astray. The BBC posted a news item this morning about the destruction of Avsim by hackers. I whole-heartedly agree with Derek Davis’s quote from the end of the article – Avsim will indeed rise from the ashes. The article also quotes me (albeit unattributed) from a post I made on SimFlight: there is a special place in hell for hackers who pull stunts like this.

It’s almost worth going to hell just to kick those *&^#% in the nuts when I get there.

Simming La Vida Loca — Read it!

I just visited Jarn’s eyeball-grabbing FS website after too long an absence. Embarrassing, actually, since he’s in my blogroll. If you’re not familiar with his work, drop everything and go there now. No kidding.


Here, kitty, kitty…

That stampede of thundering hoofbeats you hear is the crowd of armchair aviators rushing to Aerosoft to get their Catalina. Yep, hard as it may be to believe, they finally pushed the kitty out the door. From the looks of Nick Churchill’s gorgeous screenshots, it’s another masterpiece. Stefan Hoffmann, the talented gent who brought us the Hughes H1 racer, was the lead on this one. That’s all I need to say.

Grab Your Duke!

I should have known that those beautiful screenshots meant the RealAir Duke was poised to roll out of the hangar. Just announced: the Duke is ready for sale! Head on over to RealAir and get yours.


RealAir’s Duke is Looking Good!

I found a link on Sim-Outhouse the other day to some preview screenshots of RealAir’s upcoming Beechcraft Duke project. It’s from RealAir, so you know it’ll be one high-quality piece of work. The preview shots are absolutely stunning!

Here’s something else I find fascinating about them: somehow, through a wide variety of craft (Scout to Spitfire, and now to a Beech twin), their modeler Sean Moloney has managed to create a very distinct visual style that’s instantly identifiable as his. And this while also faithfully reproducing the real-world aircraft. He’s a rare talent, for sure. And we all know about the chops of the legendary Rob Young, their flight dynamics guru. Between the two of them, they’re a formidable team.


This should be a fun release.