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Fanboy Friday: Phoning It In

Did you ever have a week in which you seemed busy every day, but at the end of it had nothing particular to show for it? It’s been one of those around here. All I can remember is running like my hair was on fire, swinging from project to project, and then poof… it’s Friday. I didn’t have a chance to ‘sim much at all, and didn’t get a lot of scenery work done, either. Still, I promised myself I would do my best to meet my weekly blogging deadline, so here goes… (I know, way to sell it, Womack.) Continue reading

Fanboy Friday: A Faint Jingling of Sleighbells

Up until a couple of weeks ago, I was in full-blown holiday denial. I mean, c’mon, how could it be winter already, much less time to go chop a Christmas tree? Maybe it’s living on Thanksgiving leftovers for a week, or maybe it’s the sub-freezing temperatures that have chilled us to the core in the Pacific Northwest, but you can officially count me among the believers now. Like it or not, I admit it: gift-giving season is upon us. ‘Simmers, time to warm up your greedy little fingers, ’cause we’ve got some shopping to do! Continue reading

Fanboy Friday: Addonpalooza

The crickets are back from Jamaica, and they brought suitcases stuffed full of FS news. It may be fall, but the add-ons are popping up like spring daisies all of a sudden. So, what happened this past week? Continue reading