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Orbx Unveils Pacific Northwest Video

Cody Bergland of Jaggyroad Films just released his latest opus, a preview of Orbx’s upcoming FTX NA Blue: Pacific Northwest scenery. Not only do you get stunning views of this gorgeous part of the world (though I may be biased), but also a couple of peeks at the first two payware airports designed to fit within it – 1S2 Darrington Municipal, and 7S3 Stark’s Twin Oaks (okay, I’m definitely biased). Watch it below, sure, but this is one that’s worth downloading the high res version.

Fanboy Friday Rides Again

What gives? When I put up my first FF post a couple of weeks ago, we were awash in fantastic new add-ons. Last week, you could hear the crickets chirping, and this week… this week, even the crickets have packed it in for Jamaica. The upside is that in the lull, I’ve had time to (gasp!) fly a little. But more on that in a minute. Continue reading