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Aerosoft’s Bush Hawk Released!

There’s a new bush plane in town, and if your idea of a runway is a gravel bar on a river, you’re going to love this one. Thorsten Reichert, the developer behind Aerosoft’s “Flight Tales” mission package, has really outdone himself with this plane. He labored obessively over the details, from the knobs and switches up front to the crates of fish stinking up the back.

The Bush Hawk comes with a wide variety of liveries, split between real-world paint jobs and some fictional additions, and all flowing from the talented brush of Chris Brisland, a well-known FS painter. Fueled by his own perfectionism, Chris created multiple variants of the interior, from factory-fresh to heavily abused, including goodies like an alternative engine-turned dash, and a carbon fiber version as well. This is a plane you’ll want to spend some time walking around before you hop in.

It’s not just a good-looker, either. The Bush Hawk is made to haul, and it does it well. A sedate flyer, this isn’t a mount for a thrill-seeker. With its wide cargo doors, it’s designed to carry a maximum load of passengers or cargo deep into the bush. Thorsten included some ingenious features, some of which you’ll just have to find out about for yourself (hint: don’t forget to turn on the de-icing before you head into cold, wet weather).

If you’re a bush flying fanatic, check out the Bush Hawk’s product page. I think you’ll like what you see.