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Introducing Stark’s Twin Oaks Airpark for FSX!

Okay, maybe “introducing” is a smidge of hyperbole since I’ve been yakking about this scenery for a while now. What I’ve been waiting to say for ages is finally true, however… Continue reading


What happened to Fanboy Friday this week?

After a couple months of posting my weekly Fanboy Friday roundups, it finally happened. Splat. My FS writing time Yugo was run over by the 18-wheeler of my day job. I was going to try and hustle together something for y’all this weekend, but as Monday bears down on us, it’s not looking too likely. Instead, I thought I’d take a moment to give you a better idea of who I am and where my time goes. Continue reading

Who’s Ready to Explore Alaska?

Yep, it’s finally time. After years of development and months of testing, a big patch of SE Alaska is finally available for you FSX bush pilots… Continue reading