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Fanboy Friday Catches Olympic Fever

One of the things I love about flight simulator is how multi-faceted it is as an experience. Some use it for brushing up on real-world techniques, some for flying planes they’d never have a chance to even see, much less pilot, in “real life”, and some just enjoy exploring. Today, I thought we’d look at the virtual tourism aspect of FS, with an eye toward the city and region that will draw the world’s attention starting tonight. Continue reading

Victoria+ Scenery Slated To Grow

Jon Patch reports on his blog that he and terrain guru Holger Sandmann, in conjunction with Don Grovestine, will be extending the coverage area of his already impressive Victoria+ product in the future. Check out his post for a list of new airfields that will be covered. And yes, before you even ask, Orcas is among them. Good on you guys, Jon, Holger, and Don.