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Fanboy Friday: The Buzz of Saws

It’s been a noisy week inside my head. Just last night, I realized with a groan that Friday was coming on like a freight train, and me with nothing to write about. That’s how it goes sometimes, you know? One week, I’ll have hours to browse forums and take the pulse of what’s happening in our hobby, and bammo, the next I’m head-down on a bunch of demanding projects and can barely stop to eat. The good news about this week is that things are reaching a fever pitch, scenery-wise. Stark’s Twin Oaks is nearly done, and Emma Field is ramping up. Huge thanks to all of you who visited this week to see the Emma building renders, by the way. You smashed every traffic record for this blog. Utterly.

Anyway, I did manage to take note of a few interesting developments… Continue reading


Fanboy Friday: Big Bag of Christmas Toys

It’s a Christmas miracle! After ten days of feeling like someone parked a tractor on my head, I’m finally able to breathe, think, and blog. It’s a good thing, too, as Santa’s bag is brimming full of some highly anticipated releases. Pour yourself a glass of egg nog and gather ’round the fire as I hand out the packages, kiddies… Continue reading

Fanboy Friday: Freeware and Previews Galore

Friday, again!? Honestly, where does the time go? Well, I know where most of mine went this week, and that’s to putting the detail touches on Twin Oaks Airpark for ORBX. While I was hip-deep in that, wonder what else was going on in the FS universe… Continue reading

Boeing’s Museum of Flight

Sometimes it’s nice to get out from behind the keyboard and explore the so-called “real world”. I got up at the crack of dawn yesterday, tanked up on coffee, and pointed my truck north up I-5. A friend of mine had complimentary tickets to the Museum of Flight at Boeing Field in Seattle, and after jawing about it for a few weeks, we decided to go for it.

If you’re an aviation nut, this place is the closest thing to nirvana you’re likely to find. The main body of the museum is a massive greenhouse-like structure, jammed with everything from flying cars and pedal-powered planes to the Wright Flyer situated across from an SR-71 Blackbird.

After several hours in the main hall, we grabbed a bite to eat and headed for dessert — the warbirds wing. It’s set up in two storeys; the lower level is dedicated to WWII, the upper level to WWI and the beginnings of flight. Not only is their impressively broad collection on display, but it’s staged beautifully and interspersed with dozens of interesting sidebar exhibits that include everyday ephemera from the period.

Click the photo to see the whole collection of pics. Sorry for the quality of some of the warbird shots; the lighting is low and dramatic in that wing, and my camera doesn’t cope well with it. You’ll get the idea anyway.

Plum Island Reviewed on Screenshot Artist

Nick Churchill just published a review of Plum Island on his site, Screenshot Artist. Many thanks to Chris Palmer for the words, and of course to Nick for the stunning-as-usual screenshots that accompany them.


Salute, guys!

More Images of Dillingham

Nick Churchill’s been at it again with his digital camera, snapping away at the nearly completed Dillingham Field. Here are a couple I especially liked…

Takeoff! Something for the kids to do…

More to come soon!

Ron Freimuth: Rest in Peace

Word is beginning to leak out into the FS world of the passing of Ron Freimuth. Like many, I knew his work more than I did him. He was clearly a talent, a vocal and enthusiastic proponent of simulated flight, and will be missed. Thanks for the part of yourself that you gave to the hobby, Ron. Wherever you are, here’s wishing you smooth air and clear skies.

Owen Hewitt lists some of Ron’s more notable accomplishments in this post on his blog.