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Fanboy Friday: Charging Into Oh-Ten

This week has been insane. From a standing stop last weekend, somehow I managed to go blasting into this week full-tilt, arms flailing, teeth bared. Banzai!!! When the holidays are over, brother, they are over. Fortunately for FS fans, our hobby seems poised to do likewise, cruising into the new decade with a vengeance. So, what’s new this week? Continue reading

Grab Your Duke!

I should have known that those beautiful screenshots meant the RealAir Duke was poised to roll out of the hangar. Just announced: the Duke is ready for sale! Head on over to RealAir and get yours.


RealAir’s Duke is Looking Good!

I found a link on Sim-Outhouse the other day to some preview screenshots of RealAir’s upcoming Beechcraft Duke project. It’s from RealAir, so you know it’ll be one high-quality piece of work. The preview shots are absolutely stunning!

Here’s something else I find fascinating about them: somehow, through a wide variety of craft (Scout to Spitfire, and now to a Beech twin), their modeler Sean Moloney has managed to create a very distinct visual style that’s instantly identifiable as his. And this while also faithfully reproducing the real-world aircraft. He’s a rare talent, for sure. And we all know about the chops of the legendary Rob Young, their flight dynamics guru. Between the two of them, they’re a formidable team.


This should be a fun release.

RealAir Spitfire for FSX Released!

RealAir Spitfire for FSXThe word is beginning to leak out across the Web… the RealAir Simulations Spitfire package for FSX has been released! If you had this beauty in FS9, then you know what a groundbreaking bit of work it was. Now just imagine it with new variants and added options, rebuilt to full FSX standards. That’s right, this is no port-over, but a true FSX bird that will work just as well in SP2 and DX10 as its predecessor did in FS9. If you’re not familiar with RealAir, run immediately to their site and check it out. Included in the purchase price is the scenery I did for them, RAF West Malling, circa 1943. Like the Spit, the scenery was also rebuilt to full FSX specs, and I’m delighted to report that on my system, it performs even better than the original. In a world of few true FSX releases, this is one not to be missed.