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Just when you thought there wasn’t going to be a Fanboy Friday…

I’m a little late today, but better that than missing altogether, I figure. Here are some sim bits and pieces that flew across my desk this week: Continue reading

Orbx Unveils Pacific Northwest Video

Cody Bergland of Jaggyroad Films just released his latest opus, a preview of Orbx’s upcoming FTX NA Blue: Pacific Northwest scenery. Not only do you get stunning views of this gorgeous part of the world (though I may be biased), but also a couple of peeks at the first two payware airports designed to fit within it – 1S2 Darrington Municipal, and 7S3 Stark’s Twin Oaks (okay, I’m definitely biased). Watch it below, sure, but this is one that’s worth downloading the high res version.

It’s Fanboy Friday Time Again…

And that means another heaping pile of stuff that you could spend all your money and time on, if you were so inclined. This week has been a real mixed bag of releases, so you’re sure to find something here that tickles your fancy, makes you roll your eyes, or both. So, what’s new? Continue reading

Absolute Magic

Last night, I had the chance to take a rare sim flight for pure pleasure. I’ve been amassing some advanced add-ons for FSX lately, and I thought it was high time I gave ’em all a go. What I got was absolute digital magic. Continue reading

Who’s Ready to Explore Alaska?

Yep, it’s finally time. After years of development and months of testing, a big patch of SE Alaska is finally available for you FSX bush pilots… Continue reading

Putting the Final Polish on Tongass

We are soooooooooo close now! Tongass Fjords X is in beta, and thanks to our eagle-eyed team, we’re squashing bugs and getting things tidied up for a release soon. In the meantime, our “staff photographer”, Nick Churchill, has been lensing around the beta of Sitka. Is there anything this guy can’t make look even better? Here are a few from his most recent shoot.

Tongass Fjords for FSX – Progress

Sometimes when I’m deep in a scenery project, I forget to say hi now and then to my blog readers. Very sorry for that, but at least I have a decent excuse… Tongass Fjords for FSX is nearing completion. Originally, I thought all I would do would be to update a few models to FSX standards and hit “export”, then toss it over the wall to our virtual bush-flying fans. Then Holger Sandmann found some great aerial shots of Sitka, Alaska and I ended up going much deeper into re-working the town than I expected.

Now the same has happened with Petersburg. I got some more shots from a few guys who frequent the Sim-Outhouse forums, and that helped me get a better idea of what the harborfront is like there, so I dove into adding some more models. I’ve attached a few shots to show how things stand now. Soon, my friends! Very soon…

CYVR Plans for FSX Canceled

After mulling over our options for a while now, Jon Patch and I have decided to cancel our plans to create Vancouver Int’l Airport for FSX. The reasons are many, but primarily for me it came down to priorities. I’m working on Emma Field X and Tongass Fjords at the moment. Both are small fields with a lot of character, which is the sort of project I enjoy most. I’m looking forward to putting my full efforts behind those projects for now. Jon is also hip-deep in some new modeling for the upcoming Misty Fjords X, so you’ll be getting a lot of new goodies from both of us soon enough!

Bush-Pilots Dillingham Review

My friend Manfred Herz, a big cheese over at the German-language has posted a review of Dillingham. Danke Schön, Manfred! I’m glad to know that German and Austrian pilots are having a good time getting their feet wet in the islands. It’s coming up on that time of year when a cold Margarita and some warm sand between your toes starts sounding mighty tempting…

Alaska Bush Flying At Its Best

For anyone who’s ever been tempted by the wide open spaces of Alaska by air, this blog entry is for you. The sight of those Cubs all parked side by side on a sandbar… it’s a bush flyer’s dream. I was especially tickled to see a pic of Petersburg, an airport I’ve modeled for FS previously, in the Tongass Fjords project. Enjoy! Thanks Simflight for bringing this post to my attention.