Emma Field X: Olympic Paradise

While Francois is away in Romania, I promised him I’d post some shots of the Emma Field X progress, so here they are.

I’ve been working large-to-small, starting with the overall mesh and the aerial photo-based terrain. I’ve got a good working version of the landscape in place now, situated seamlessly within FTX NA Blue. The early results look exactly like the “happy place” I see in my head when things get stressful. Check it:

14 responses to “Emma Field X: Olympic Paradise

  1. so it begins 🙂 🙂

  2. WOW!!!!! That’s Stunning Bill,Thanks very much for a fantastic update!!

  3. You’re welcome, Patrick. I was working in the sim a couple of nights ago, just checking some autogen I’d applied, and the landscape was so pretty I was inspired to take some shots.

  4. My cc is ready — looks fantastic. Was flying from Westport to Darrington the other day in FTX PNW and was looking forward to being able to stop at KEWL on the way, rather than the rather boring Sanderson.

  5. You sneaky punk! Wow! Looks totally awesome. Although it’s a make believe place, I can imagine it’ll be beautiful and extraordinary. We are truly seeing things these days in flight simulator that we’ve never seen before. Keep up the good work, BW.

  6. STefaan Cappelle

    Looks great Bill!
    Can’t wait for the release

  7. Dexter Thomas

    I have a bunch of 185s chomping at the bit!

  8. Ha, so this is where you have been hiding!

    Looking fantastic Bill, keep slogging away.

  9. Francisco Aguiar

    Awesome Bill !!

  10. Looking great Bill! Is this one free? 😉


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  12. Bill, In the past, most of my flying was in Alaska in Misty and Tongas. Now I will be doing a lot more in the Pacific Northwest. What you and FTX have done is just mind boggling. I’m shure I speak for most of the Flight Sim community when I say you guy’s have done a tremondous service to our Flightsimming experiance. We thank you,Holger, and the guys at FTX and Orbx for creating this fantastic scenery. I have Darrington, and Starks Twin Oaks. I will be getting Concreat when it comes out. And am looking forward to Emma. Keep em comming buddy. Phil Raulston “BigDBlue”.

  13. More congrats from me, Bill! Emma is top on the list of my favourite FS “happy places”, to use your graphic expression and I look forward to her new incarnation. These pics look so real I think I could smell the perfume of those evergreens and feel the hot summer breeze on my face.

  14. Shaun Gorham

    I just loved EMMA in 2004 and all the best to you in making it in FSX, I for one will buy it . Keep going , Regards Shaun.

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