Simply Stunning Scenery

Does the work week have you stressed already? Doctor Bill has just the prescription: four and a half minutes of pure scenic bliss. Enjoy. (For best effect, by the way, see it in HD)


8 responses to “Simply Stunning Scenery

  1. Dr. Bill? Can I get a prescription for more Cowbell as well? 😉

  2. Dexter Thomas

    I have my copy of Stark’s installed and made the
    trip down from PDX in my Cub… Nicely done Bill,
    as usual..

  3. Bill, Starks Twin Oaks is by far the best single bit of scenery I have ever seen. I mean, between Orbx PNW and these small airports you’re creating… it’s a whole new ballgame. My hats off to you and the team….. so please …. well…. I started to say stand up and take a bow…. but hell, you deserve to sit back, kick off your shoes, grab your favorite drink and relax….

    Well done!

  4. Thanks, guys! I’m glad you’re enjoying Stark’s. I think tomorrow is the big day when it gets released to the public. I’d say fingers crossed, but so far things are rocking along pretty smoothly.

    And yes, I just knocked on my desk.

  5. Downloaded my pre-paid Starks’ and it is fantastic. Still looking for the Alpacas though.

    Ok, one gripe, sorry and its not related to your fantastic Starks work. I’ve got a i7 920/gtx285 system at 3.8 GHz but it still can’t cope with dense-level autogen and highest scenery complexity in the Portland suburbs. So when I takeoff from Starks north, I have to load my ftx_ultra_urban .cfg which selects normal autogen and notches down scenery complexity from my ftx_rural.cfg.

    I’m not a programmer, but I wonder if an add-on could be created that would automatically reduce autogen density on the fly when entering pre-selected areas chosen by the user? There’s lots of discussion about stutters in urban areas on the FTX forums, but I think its a lack of optimization in the ACES FSX code rathen than an ORBX issue.

  6. @sbflyer – It’s curious that you’re having such problems with the Portland autogen. I’ve got a rig that’s a fair bit weaker than yours, and have no problems flying right over KPDX. Have you tried notching down the scenery complexity to very dense instead of extremely dense? That makes a huge difference on some people’s computers.

    Also, are you running SP2 or Acceleration, or an earlier version of FSX?

  7. Bill, Thanks for the reply.

    My ftx_ultra_urban.cfg does use the “very dense” rather than “extremely dense” scenery complexity, as well as “normal” autogen density.

    Sometimes I can fly straight over an urban area without stuttering. But any maneuvers or turns will create stuttering, as will panning. Also, if I linger over an urban area, FSX performance seems to degrade over the space of a few minutes as it trys to reload large amounts of autogen. I am running SP2.

    I wonder if different flying styles, i.e. amount of time spent turning over an urban area, expose different sensitivities to autogen and scenery complexity.

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