Fanboy Friday: Announcement Time!

I had a whole FF post worked up in my head, and was just about to start writing yesterday when I got an email from John Venema that was like a red-hot poker to my backside (in a good way). I’ve been waiting a long time to say this.

FTX NA Blue Release Date Announced

ORBX FTX NA Blue will be released on Sunday, February 28! That’s right, a little over a week until it can be yours. This is hands-down the finest bit of scenery I’ve ever seen for FSX. The whole ORBX crew is to be commended for the work they’ve done to make this a reality – and it’s been a long and sometimes painful road, I can tell you. They pulled out all the stops to make this area the very best it can be, not only the visuals, but down to a tremendous amount of stress-testing and performance tweaking. The result will be, if I might humbly predict, legendary.

The most exciting part of this project for me is the canvas it provides on which to create new, high-detail airports. In the coming months and years, expect to see a lot of high-caliber development firepower focused on building up this part of the world into the crown jewel of FSX.

NA Blue, Twin Oaks, and Darrington On Sale Now – Beat the Rush!

Want to get your grubby mitts on NA Blue and the first two high-detail airports before anybody else? The folks at the FlightSim Store (FSS) have made all three available for pre-order as of today. According to them, pre-order customers will receive their downloads 24 hours before anyone else has a crack at buying them. I can’t speak for Darrington, but it sure look like Twin Oaks will follow right on the heels of the NA Blue release. I’m just putting the final tweaks to it over this weekend.

DVD versions of the downloads above are available as well, but the production will take a month or so longer.

I’d do more of the regular Fanboy Friday schtick, but I’m up to my eyeballs in last-minute Twin Oaks stuff today. More next week, I promise! Have a great weekend.

9 responses to “Fanboy Friday: Announcement Time!

  1. This is all great news Bill. Me thinks that a lot of NEW people will be discovering ORBX in the next short while. I am always surprised how much they are not that know outside of a certain sim crowd.

    And of course, it means more fans for your great work also, and hopefully some more $$$!

  2. Off to preorder now!!! Thanks for the great info!!

  3. Aidan "acezboy561"

    Eek, ive never wanted my dad home from YBBN so soon to swip his cc. OMG, I just remembered, my ipod broke and my phone is now rubbish, why oh why this weekend? 😦

  4. LOL, it’s okay, Aidan. Remember, the release isn’t until next weekend. You still have time, bud. 😉

  5. PNW FTW! Seriously, if people don’t pick this up, they shouldn’t even bother with FS anymore.

  6. Yeah I got the E-Mail yesterday from Flight Sim Store, Bill do I hear or smell a server crash! Who will be the first downloader? Will the lights be flicking in the wire closet? I will definetly be getting this. A MUST add for any FS’er.

  7. This is going to be awesome. I wonder about the add on airports though. Launceston in the AU Blue demo from them drops my framerates from “locked at 30” to about 20 until I “look away” from it. Makes doing the circuit and landing a little unsmooth. How’s Darington compare performance wise in that regard I wonder. That is one I have my eye on. 🙂


    • Hi Charles,

      The ORBX devs have learned a trick or two since the AU Blue demo. Our testers are reporting excellent performance now, not only with the NA Blue package, but with Darrington and Twin Oaks as well. Personally, I get much better performance with the PNW scenery than I do with some of the Aussie airports. In fact, I believe they’re reworking some of the “heavier” Australian fields using the new “TextureFlow” technology, which should speed things up significantly there as well.

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