Fanboy Friday wants to know: what do you fly? And where?

My well is about dry, idea-wise, right now. I’ve spent a week neck-deep in 3DS Max tutorials and tweaking arcane bits of code, and my brain is fried. So rather than just bag on writing Fanboy Friday altogether, I thought I’d give the rest of you a say. Tell me this: what is your favorite sim aircraft at the moment? And when you fly, where do you do it?

I’ll get things started. These last few months have been heaven for virtual GA pilots. Between Sibwings Bird Dog, Flight Replicas’ Super Cub package, and now Carenado’s Cessna 185 Skywagon, I haven’t gone near a kerosene burner. This week, what few times I actually was able to fire up FSX for pleasure, I’ve been engrossed with the 185. It’s a challenging model to control on the ground, and I’m only just now getting the hang of takeoffs. Hint: much rudder dancing involved. I do like a plane that bites back, and this one definitely has teeth.

As for where I’ve been flying… well, duh. In the guise of “testing” (heh) I’ve been doing a lot of flights around my own real-life home using ORBX’s FTX NA Blue scenery. In fact, my first 185 test flight was from the glorious 1S2 Darrington Municipal airport over to Paine Field in Everett, WA (home of the 747, and now the 787). Maybe it’s because I just added a new overclocked Q9550 CPU to my rig, but gawd were the frame rates great! And that’s without the performance tweaking we’re working on being currently installed.

Anyway, enough about me. What and where have you been flying lately?

27 responses to “Fanboy Friday wants to know: what do you fly? And where?

  1. I’ve in been in GA mode recently; flying the Carenado Cessna 152 II and Piper Cherokee 180F. I downloaded the VFR Real Scenery demo, and I think it’s brilliant. So I think I’ll be doing a lot of GA flying over England and Wales in the coming weeks or months.

  2. I’m really enjoying the RealAir Duke,I’ve never been in a sim cockpit that I enjoy more than The Duke!!

    I also enjoy the fantastic realism of The A2A P-47 JUG! What a great aircraft ! Currently I like to fly in The Alaskian Tongass Fords area,Until PNW is released!! Can’t wait!!
    Chers Bill

  3. Easy for me. I finally converted myself to the A2A Cub and I can tell you this 20+ years flight simmer was left speechless. This is a quantum leap in FSX development. Scenery wise, I strickly fly in FTX areas, so it’s Australia for now (mostly in New South Wales or Tasmania) while waiting for the PNW. BTW, keep up the amazing work Bill.

  4. SibWings Bird Dog and Piglet’s AN32 are currently in heavy use over here. I have been doing a lots of buzzing around OZ-land, home base being one of the OZx jewels, Katoomba (YKAT). Check that strip out, such a great atmosphere!

  5. Sibwings Birddog, Carenado’s 185 and A2A’s Piper Cub are getting equal time the past few weeks. The 185 looks great but seems a little slick to me, though I’ve never flown one in real life (katana’s, 172’s and arrows make up the bulk of my real world experience). The cub and the birddog are just amazing.
    75% of the time I’m in the Tongass Fords area, Wrangell and Klawock mostly, flying out to small remote strips.
    I feel like an 8 yr old waiting for Xmas morning until FTX PNW is released.
    I live near the Bremerton and Tacoma Narrows airports and travel quite a bit around the PNW so this is really exciting for me personally…. my own backyard created by the absolute best scenery makers out there….woot woot!!!

  6. I have been flying the A2A Cub and the Goose, mainly oout of “Dexterville” down the road from the Emma site. I have been helping Joe Watson with his Jamaica/Caymans scenery with some maritime tracks done with Google Earth.

  7. From the GA side I too am loving the RealAir Duke B60. On the kerosene side I’ve been flying the PMDG JS 4100. Both have terrific VC’s that nothing else compares too and both have execellent flight models as well.

    As far as where – it’s been mostly in FTX Blue Demo that I just “discovered”. I had been out of simming for bit but built a new last fall and have now been hitting it hard. I can’t wait for FTX PNW!!!

    Love your work Bill…keep it coming!

  8. Various and sundry Super Cubs, both FS Addon and Flight Replicas. Mainly around Eastern Maine where I live but occasionally in Tongass X or PNG. I just got Carenado’s new Cessna 185 so I’m sure that will be busy for a while.

  9. It’s kinda funny, because I’m known as a ‘heavy metal’ guy but I haven’t been seen there at all lately.

    I’ve been flying mostly Bush type airplanes, like the A2A Cub in all it’s variations, the BeaverX is still a huge fave, the Carenado 206 and more. From time to time I’ll jump in the Flight1 P51.

    Right now I’m spending a lot of time in the Carenado 152, as I’ve been filming a lot for Aviator90. Great little airplane! Brings back memories of my days in training.

    Scenery? Tongass Fjords and FTX PNW equal about 99% of my location.

    Great reaction here, Bill!

  10. I should have mentioned that I too have spent a bit of time behind the stick of my A2A Cub lately. You can’t beat that one for pure seat-of-the-pants flying fun.

    Thanks for the replies so far!

  11. My dry-flying time was divided between the Realair Duke, and the Grumman Goose&MU-2 on X-Plane. Favorite scenery on FSX is Tongass Fjords X and Alaska/Canada/Norway/Peru in X-Plane.

    In FSX I always gravitate towards the Duke. I have a good set of planes (A2A Cub,A2A B377,PDMG JS4100,CS 727&757) but this little plane sits right in my sweet spot. Bill, Tongass is fantastic.

    In X-Plane I am in the world of X-Plane not on earth reproduced by X-Plane. It takes a couple of minutes but then it sucks me right in, every time. The Goose is fun and the MU-2 a very finicky but also versatile plane.

    I’m spoiled.

  12. Tongass Fjords area, Seattle & Victoria, PMDG J4100, PMDG MD-11 and PMDG 747-400. Waiting for UTA and PNW to come out.

  13. Mostly the PNW, including Vancouver/Victoria+ for FSX, sometimes FTX AU Gold. Looking forward to Emma X, and personally have absolutely no objection to the new buildings planned to replace those lost in the tragic Lilliwaup fire.

  14. Just loaded the Vic+ scenery. I am in love. Wonder how I missed first time around. And flying the Real Air Citabria as the sun went down from Orcus to Friday Harbor. This will hold me until PNW is released. Makes waiting much easier. And living in Aloha, I really want Starks too.

  15. All GA with the Carenado Archer and Seneca…I really have to get that A2A cub next. The area I fly mostly is New England, it is where I live so I know the roads and rivers. I love the ever changing weather and can not wait for Spring to fly UTX.


    • Tom, whereabouts in New England do you live? I’m always on the lookout for New England airports to add to my Hundred Dollar Burger series. I’ve done Plum Island, MA, and I’ve got Minuteman in MA and Miller’s Field, ME already in the can as far as documentation goes. I’ll be back in the area in June on the hunt for new fields.

  16. At the moment I fly with big pleasure with the awesome new Tiger Moth of Anthony Lynch… Alaska, Canada and Washington of course… low and slow!

  17. Ah yes, that Tiger Moth is something special, isn’t it? I spent some time behind its stick this weekend. Low and slow rules! (Especially if you have good scenery to be low over.)

  18. Bill, I Sim out of Norwood KOWD mostly GA. Except for the occasional flight to Owl’s Head Maine RKD and Stonington Municipal 93B, I pretty much stick to the South Shore Of MA.
    A couple of small favorites in my neck of the woods are Marshfield Muni – George Harlow Field GHG because it is right on the water. And my favorite, because they have an EAA breakfast the third Sunday of the month, is Cranland 28M, this one is surrounded by Ponds and cranberry bogs which are just beautiful during the harvest in the fall.
    I love simming

  19. Uuh yes… and the scenery we will have with PNW. I am already glad about it. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  20. I have to say I prefer light twins, and the Carenado Seneca has to be my favorite (until ESDG finishes the TwinStar). And even though I absolutely adore Tongass, I prefer to fly in my own neck of the woods out of Ontario Municipal (KONO) out toward McCall, ID or toward Pocatello, ID and Jackson Hole, WY.. The “forgotten” backwoods of Idaho, Eastern Washington/Oregon, and the Continental Divide areas of Montana and Wyoming offer some real flying challenges (lots of Hot n High territory) and a lot of gorgeous scenery.

  21. Bill,

    I’m in the NE area. I would recommend PVC. I think it would make an excellent commercially viable add-on. Very scenic right near the beach on land leased from the Cape Cod National Seashore. Adding some of the local details like the Pilgrim Monument in nearby Provincetown would make it a very attractive and unique offering.

    My personal favorite however is CQX though admittedly I’m influenced by personal preference. A quite little non-towered single runway with a very good $100 breakfast.

    If you have a chance stop off at the New England Air Museum right next to BDL.

    • Hi Bill, Nice choices especially PVC with surrounding dunes and ocean. I do not fly Cape Cod enough. Thanks for the reminder.
      I live in Quincy and tend to fly out of Norwood.
      and I just left to go see Connecticut .


  22. I have been flying the C182 Skylane II RG in and around Calgary, Alberta. I was lucky enough as a sim junkie to run into a real pilot as sim happy as me that flies all the time. He owns a Centurion C210. He has been giving me “virtual CFI” training over FSHOST in our neck of the woods. Very enjoyable. If he is not available I fly other Cessna’s for really good Bush VA all over the Pacific North West.

    I think I am still married. *scratches head*


  23. Aidan "acezboy561"

    Hey Bill,

    Been using the C185 around Orbx AU Blue =P Soon to be NA Blue with Starks ๐Ÿ™‚ Any idea how long after NA Blue download is realsed S73 will be realsed? Its about a 2gb download for pnw so ill be getting the DVD 6weeks later. WIll defentily be buying, maybe you can give me a discount ๐Ÿ˜€


    • Aidan, my goal is to release 7S3 concurrently with NA Blue, so you should be able to get it as soon as you get the base package. Sooner if you like, as it’ll be a significantly smaller download. Obviously it’ll look better sitting inside NA Blue, but it should work fine with the default scenery, too.

  24. I take a very parochial view, flying out of Plum Island Airport ’cause it’s only a half mile from where I’m sitting.
    I’ve tried A2A Cub and turned to the default Cub. It seems to me to remind me of a real Cub.
    I love looking around Newburyport, looking at all the things Bill has put in the scenery. I never, ever, get sick of it.
    Then for excitement, I like to fly a Hawk at Valley AB, Angelsey Island, Wales. It gives me a central place that I can cover all of Great Britain from there.
    If your looking at airfields in New England, Bill, you ought to take a look at Skyhaven Airport in Rochester, NH, in the foothills of the White Mountains. Then of course, there’s always Alton Bay on Winnepisaukee Lake. It’s only an FAA sanctioned airport when it’s frozen over.

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