Emma Field X Building Renders

It seems like I’ve been working on Emma Field X for decades, but in fact it’s been a while since I had the time to tinker with it. With Stark’s Twin Oaks nearing completion, I’ve begun turning my attention to the next big thing. Just to quell rumors that I’ve abandoned the project, here are a few renders of the new “clubhouse” and some covered aircraft parking that I built recently. These are alpha renders straight from Max, but you can get a feel for the direction I’m headed…

Be on the lookout, I’m on a roll now. 😉

19 responses to “Emma Field X Building Renders

  1. You’ve GOT to be kidding me! WOW!

  2. Keep ’em rolling, buddy !!!

  3. Looks incredibly lifelike!! Very nice Bill!!

  4. Wonderful news! Waiting for Orbx’s PNW and Twin Oaks to come out. Emma X would be a great base for the area once again!

    Looks great!

  5. Beautiful work there Bill. EmmaX will be a masterpiece, the “Phoenix” of the PNW.

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  7. The must have put in some slot machines to be able to upgrade the old club house to this “grand” version, or maybe Fritz is selling a lot more “tonic”.

  8. good news. 🙂

  9. Yea BABY!


  10. Landings were always exciting.


  11. Looking GREAT Bill… I have been looking forward this for a long time..Great work there you are doing

  12. Thanks for all the comments and encouragement, guys. It’s been fun checking my blog stats today and watching them go nuts. Just to give you an idea of scale, on an average non-Fanboy-Friday day, I get around 150 page views. If I’m lucky, Fridays and Saturdays bring approx. 200-250 views, which makes me smile.

    Today? Looks like I’m on track to hit around 700 views. If ever I needed proof that the FS world wants to see Emma X, I’ve got it. You’ve put some wind at my back today, and I’m more pumped than ever to get good old Emma done. Salute!

  13. I missed this one the first time around and don’t plan on missing it again.. Beautiful work!

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  15. Hi Bill, looking great.

    Fritz has gone up in the world it seems. Will AES be compatible and will there be working jetways?

    Keep up the good work.

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  17. Looks great Bill

  18. Great Work! Just don’t let Fritz get carried away. You know, higher parking fees, inspection fees, club fees, high prices at the club bar., etc. Somebody has to pay for all that fancy stuff and I don’t want it to be us poor little ole pilots. Fritz marry up or some such?

  19. WQW Bill !!! , Your work is amazing . Cannot wait to see the final product. I’m having a great time flying around Starks and Darrington.

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