Twin Oaks Video Uploaded

John Venema, the big cheese behind Orbx Simulation Systems, has just released a video blog entry featuring Twin Oaks and the fabulous new Sibwings Bird Dog. Both are still in beta, but as you can see, both are getting dangerously close to finished. Thanks, John!

Don’t forget to visit the YouTube page and watch it in full HD!

3 responses to “Twin Oaks Video Uploaded

  1. I watched this last night on YouTube. I was very impressed! I think I may have seen this airport before while flying in Oregon. What airport is it near?
    Anyway, I was very impressed with your scenery, the birddog, and John’s presentation.

  2. Thanks, Chris. Twin Oaks is on the west side of Portland, just a bit south of Hillsboro airport (KHIO).

  3. This wasn’t the one then. I was climbing out of Salem going to Newport when I saw it.

    Cool scenery! Keep up the good work.

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