Fanboy Friday Again?

Ah, life’s ironies… I have had zippo time this week to do anything resembling flying, and it’s due in large part to my client’s Web site and blog needs. Any free time I’ve managed to peel off for myself has gone to plugging away at my NaNoWriMo novel, which is now over 50 pages long. Thanks for asking. So, to sum up: no writing on my blog this week because I’ve been too busy blogging and writing. A full-fledged Fanboy Friday this is not, but here are a couple of things that whipped past my window in a blur this week:

What’s The Difference? Two Lights in the Nose.

Those Dutch modeling maniacs who call themselves the “Uiver Team” have coughed up a long-awaited FSX version of their DC-2. I got it last week and even managed a full five-and-a-half minute flight. First impression: well done. It flies a lot like the DC-3’s I’ve flown before. Looks a lot like ’em, too. Good VC, great exterior, and it seems to have full systems and failure modeling (or so I’m told). Guess I’ll have to find time to break it soon. Best of all, the meager purchase price goes to support the Aviodrome, Dutch National Aviation Theme Park and Museum. Get the skinny here.

String, Wood, and a Machine Gun

A friend dropped by last night on his way out of town, someone I used to fly with in many a late-night IL2 session years ago. We got to talking about sim planes and combat, and before I knew it I was telling him about Rise of Flight. Within a minute, he’d twisted my arm into launching it. I pulled out my pedals, set the stick and throttle before him, and switched on the TrackIR. From then on, I might as well have been talking to myself. Yeppers, if you like flying and shooting, it’s hard not to love this sim – especially now that the latest patch is out. Bill says: give ‘er a go.

This is X-Plane?

Uh-oh, it’s finally happening: some professional-level 3D modelers and developers have started using X-Plane as their canvas. In the past, I’ve been pretty hard on this sim, primarily because most of the add-on planes for X-Plane are seriously underwhelming in the looks department. Just after I published this post, I got an email from announcing a new helo, the Kawasaki BK117. A quick peek at the screenshots of the interior suggests that things might be looking up for this simulator.

Oh, so many more things I could probably get into if I had more time. Alas, you’ll have to make do with crawling the Web on your own this Friday. Let me know if you find anything cool. Get it, how I just subtly begged for comments? I’m slick that way. No kidding though, if you read these things and enjoy them (or if you find my incessant prattling irritating), speak up. Nobody likes talking to a blank wall.

Happy flying this weekend!


6 responses to “Fanboy Friday Again?

  1. It looks like X Plane is getting much better. I don’t think that it can match FSX though with all that is and will be available in the scenery area. Like Emma, Misty, Tongass and all your stuff. just keep up the good work! 🙂

  2. Thanks for starting your blog series Bill. I know how difficult it is to find time to blog about FS stuff.

    But I have to say it’s time well spent in your case – you’re idea for Fanboy Friday is the freshest FS related social media effort I have seen in a long time – and I thoroughly enjoy it!

  3. @Dexter – Yep, there are a few aircraft that are of FS9 quality for X-Plane. So far, they’re the exception that proves the rule regarding the low expectations bar, though. Curiously, the best-built models I’ve seen for XP use very obscure aircraft as their subject. Not sure what that means, exactly.

  4. @Christian – Thanks! When I started this series, it was because I thought the FS world needed a shot of pure enthusiasm. I still think so, even if it’s hard to find the time to express it some days. Thanks for stopping by.

  5. That Kawasaki look really solid piece of work! I don’t know how many time I’ve tried to port my self over to X-plane, but the porting has always stalled to that darn confusing config phase. I think it takes a NASA scientist to even bind the keys :p

  6. Bill – Keep up the good work. I will be sure to visit more often so be assured that your pecking on the keyboard won’t fall on deaf ears.

    1) Enjoyed your conversation on FSBreak (#43) today. Thanks for contributing to their show. It really gives me a greater appreciation for those that are making it happen. This also goes for your printed text over on Computer Pilot. I wish I were more involved and wish I could take it to the next level. That’s a tough leap to make.

    2) I have a good suggestion on a GA strip to tackle for a project in the midwest. I always like visiting this field and it’s a fancy departure for those who make it in into the field. It would take a little mesh updating and some good fun on the modeling. I could likely get in touch with the owners and do some field work if interested.

    3) X-plane – that VC is sick! Wow. Speachless really.

    Benjamin (aka Bman.)

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