Fanboy Friday the Second

It’s been a quiet week in the FS world, release-wise. I guess we’re all still digesting the flurry of news from last week (and maybe enjoying our new toys, too). Still, quiet doesn’t mean silent. As I scoped out the various FS forums this week, a few fun things caught my eye. Here they are, in no particular order…


You know a sim aircraft is destined to be a classic when it spawns a whole subculture of followers. That A2A Cub I talked about last week? It’s definitely well on its way. I nipped over to the A2A forums this week, searching for some new paints for my Cub. Clearly the paint kit is out, because the skins are flying! Originally, you could have your Cub in any color, provided it was yellow with a black lightning bolt, but check out some of the wet paint on display now.

From the niche-within-a-niche department, there’s also a great new video starring the Cub. It’s courtesy of one of the more original FS virtual videographers, an Italian who goes by “mhimhi”. I’m fairly sure this is a recipe for getting your license yanked…

The $100 Pizza

italy_tourSpeaking of Italians and Cubs, maybe it’s time to get some bugs on that new paint. Larry “Tako_Kichi” from Sim-Outhouse posted a full flight plan for visiting not one or two, but all of the airports in Italy. The Italian peninsula is one of my favorite spots on the planet, so I might just have to give it a try. ‘Course, I usually travel the country by train, so using a Cub will be a little slower. Then again, what more relaxing way to enjoy La Dolce Vita?

The thread sparked a conversation about the flaws in the default FSX representation of Italy, which in turn led to a whole bunch of links for good-looking add-on scenery for the region. Grazie mille, dudes.

So Quiet I Almost Missed It

There’s one other new add-on that looks interesting, but in all the buzz last week, it whisked past unnoticed. Aerosoft has released their Discus glider! This is one that I’ve been looking forward to since just after I finished Hawaii Dillingham X for them, ’cause Dilly is the spot for gliding in Hawaii.

Germans are nothing if not thorough, and the design of the Discus is no exception. Alongside the standard “B” models, four “BT” variants are included in the package (featuring a little engine-driven propeller that can pop out and push you along from one thermal to another) and even a “BM” model that can take off under its own power. That last one might be cheating a little. In addition, the glider package includes a licensed version of their “WinchX” technology, which is supposed to fully simulate a winch launch.

If you’re looking to step up from the Cub to something a little faster and more powerful, the Discus might be just the ticket. 😉

Okay, that about wraps it up for today. I’ve been working hard this past week on two scenery packages, Stark’s Twin Oaks Airpark for ORBX’s upcoming FTX Pacific Northwest package, and Emma Field X for FSAddon. Hopefully I’ll have some screenshots to share this coming week. Now go flying!

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