The Next 100 Dollar Burger Airport

Wow, where did the time go? Seems like only a couple of days ago, we released Tongass Fjords. For the record, I’m not dead, just busy. Now that Tongass has been turned loose, I’ve been turning my attention to several other projects for FSX. Emma Field X is on my short list, as is Stark’s Twin Oaks Airpark (designed to work with the upcoming ORBX Pacific Northwest scenery). If you enjoyed Plum Island, have no fear — another 100 Dollar Burger airport is in the works as well…

Soon, you’ll be able to take off from 2B2 and turn north along the coast, heading into the wilds of Maine. The destination? Miller’s Field (ME74). Here are some shots of the real deal, some of which I took on my recent photo safari to New England, and some courtesy of John Miller, the field’s owner.

13 responses to “The Next 100 Dollar Burger Airport

  1. Dexter Thomas

    Bill, That looks like a fine place virtualize (is that a word?) A Cub type of a place although a long haul
    from Emma in a Cub. 🙂

  2. Awesome news. Will be a worthy company to the best GA field in FSX (that being 2B2). The photos definitely have the right feel about them! Can’t wait.

  3. It’s word enough for me, Dexter. 😉 Indeed, a long haul from Emma… but not such a journey from Plum Island!

    Thanks, Pekka. As soon as I saw this place, I thought “yup, that one’s for me, no doubt.”

  4. You just know you’ve got my vote Bill, keep up the good work.

  5. Gives me that “warm and fuzzy” feeling, knowing that there’ll be an airport of similar quality nearby 2b2! It’ll permit that sort of Perfect Pair, when I want to just fly a short hop after supper, or “show-off” Flight Sim to some poor soul who isn’t aware of the sweet things that are possible in FS.
    Many thanks in advance, Bill!

  6. Great choice Bill 🙂

  7. You know where I got the idea, of course, Tom. 😉

  8. Cool good choice!

  9. Hi Bill,

    On a personal note Ive never purchased any scenery / airfields but I’m really looking forward to getting my hands on this one.

    Regards Deano

  10. Ah looking forward to yet another small pearl. I really like your artistic style.

  11. Bill, This is the first FSX scenery I have purchased and Wow. It was snowing when I left Norwood, OWD, just SW of Boston flying my new C185F and I had a nice approach from the ocean into Plum Island.
    Now, I have to move all my Archer and Seneca up there and it is an hour and forty-five from my home.
    Can you try to influence ORBX FTX to do the NorthEast next…

  12. Thanks, Tom. I’ve got another couple of airports in the works for this area, so stay tuned. As for ORBX, I’m not sure what their plans are, but I know they respond to feedback. I’ll pass it along!

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