Here, kitty, kitty…

That stampede of thundering hoofbeats you hear is the crowd of armchair aviators rushing to Aerosoft to get their Catalina. Yep, hard as it may be to believe, they finally pushed the kitty out the door. From the looks of Nick Churchill’s gorgeous screenshots, it’s another masterpiece. Stefan Hoffmann, the talented gent who brought us the Hughes H1 racer, was the lead on this one. That’s all I need to say.

5 responses to “Here, kitty, kitty…

  1. It looks like Aerosoft outdid themselves on the PBY. Some small complaints.
    Why did they show so many, after the war ones, with a bobbed nose? It doesn’t even look like a PBY. That turrent sure was handy when pulling up to a mooring.
    The ones that had the landing gear added were introduced after the meatball and the stripes on the tail disappeared.
    The dark blue one should have been shiny like a new car.
    Would have liked a version with the tall tail and lengthened nose. That was a sharp looking PBY.
    But what do the kids nowadays know about WWII? – It’s all fiction to them.

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  3. Bill gives a beautiful Screenshot posts, moreover it a Preview video machine new for all the Aerosofts in action see want. [..]
    Translation for the above

  4. Danke, Helldiver. Ich spreche ein wenig Deutsch.

  5. You do and you’ll have to clean it up!

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