Grab Your Duke!

I should have known that those beautiful screenshots meant the RealAir Duke was poised to roll out of the hangar. Just announced: the Duke is ready for sale! Head on over to RealAir and get yours.



7 responses to “Grab Your Duke!

  1. YOOOOWWWWSSAAAAAA. Nice plane for a not so nice price. Gawd that is a lot of dough. Also heard the plane sends your frames into the toilet. Sos I ask the guy, was it worth the money given all that? “Oh yeah!”

  2. P.S. those engine textures remind me… KBT is going to have his L-188 out soon with the new VC and a completely new FSX SDK model. I have heard very good things.

  3. Price is such a subjective thing. I’ve had planes I paid more for and will fly less, for sure.

    Sends my frames into the toilet? Nonsense! I get very nice frame rates with this plane, comparable to most of the others in my stable. Every machine is different, for sure, but I got a much worse hit from the Bush Hawk than this one. It’s smooth, very flyable on my mid-range rig.

  4. Don’t get me wrong, it will be in my stable soon. My remark on the frames was second hand so for what it’s worth. The same guy also said it was very much like flying the default 58 in the VC. Looking at those pics, I am not sure how that could be.

  5. My advice is to ignore anyone who compares the Duke to the default B58 — that’s just silly.

  6. Hi Bill,

    As promised, I did end up getting the Duke. I agree with you, it is a great plane. But it does have a few quirks in multilayer. I have been working with Rob to try and get them ironed out and I wondered if you have experienced anything similar. I posted a recap of what I and several other folks have been experiencing on the FSD board in the sim connect sub forum.

  7. I don’t usually have time for multiplayer, so I haven’t experienced the issues you’re talking about. What I do know is that Rob and Sean are fully committed to stomping any bugs that are found, so keep at it. I’m sure whatever the issues are, they are resolvable.

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