Putting the Final Polish on Tongass

We are soooooooooo close now! Tongass Fjords X is in beta, and thanks to our eagle-eyed team, we’re squashing bugs and getting things tidied up for a release soon. In the meantime, our “staff photographer”, Nick Churchill, has been lensing around the beta of Sitka. Is there anything this guy can’t make look even better? Here are a few from his most recent shoot.

6 responses to “Putting the Final Polish on Tongass

  1. Thr are o factory trawlers in or near Sitka.

  2. Use your imagination…..
    Maybe he’s there to pack for the herring fishery?

  3. Francisco Aguiar

    It looks awesome, Bill. I was wondering if there will be a Misty Fjords X version too?

  4. Yes, Francisco, I believe an FSX version of Misty is in the works, too.

  5. Johan Bellardi

    Awesome stuff.

    Possible release date ?

  6. Johan, we don’t give out specific release dates. What I can tell you, however, is that we’re in the late stages of beta testing. How’s that?

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