Tongass Fjords for FSX – Progress

Sometimes when I’m deep in a scenery project, I forget to say hi now and then to my blog readers. Very sorry for that, but at least I have a decent excuse… Tongass Fjords for FSX is nearing completion. Originally, I thought all I would do would be to update a few models to FSX standards and hit “export”, then toss it over the wall to our virtual bush-flying fans. Then Holger Sandmann found some great aerial shots of Sitka, Alaska and I ended up going much deeper into re-working the town than I expected.

Now the same has happened with Petersburg. I got some more shots from a few guys who frequent the Sim-Outhouse forums, and that helped me get a better idea of what the harborfront is like there, so I dove into adding some more models. I’ve attached a few shots to show how things stand now. Soon, my friends! Very soon…

13 responses to “Tongass Fjords for FSX – Progress

  1. Well Bill, This will really surpass the original Toangass scenery. It is going to very hard to pick a home base to fly from in that area. Don’t forget Telegraph Creek, that was one of my favorites before I wen’t to FSX. Thank you for applying your “masters skill” to this project.

  2. I’m sure Holger has Telegraph Creek well in hand, Dexter. My part of the project is Sitka, Petersburg, and some objects we’ll use in the rest of the area, like cabins and so forth. You’ll enjoy it, I think.

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  4. Hi Bill,

    That looks suspiciously like the Petro Marine dock in Petersburg?
    It’s a dead ringer if not…
    Maybe we can talk Holger into berthing one of the fishing boats there that does the ai coming and going? Would add to the realism in more than one way – planes leaving the airplane dock have to be on the lookout for boats leaving the fuel dock.


  5. Once again, you nailed it, Bob. The shots you’re seeing are alpha, missing some crucial elements such as traffic. I believe Holger has an AI boats file that will provide the kind of marine traffic you’re referring to. And of course, AI floatplanes at their berths.

  6. You know if you threw in a few rocks in the scenery, it would pass for the coast of Maine.

  7. You’d have to bulldoze the mountains too though, eh? 😉

  8. No, Maine has Mountains that come right to the waters edge. – It really does.
    Explore Maine, the last wilderness left in the country. There are WWII Japanese soldiers still hidden in the woods of Maine.

  9. Sup guys, I was just wondering, is it going to be the full town of Petersburg, like airport and all, or will it just be for bush plains? I live here so it will be fun to fly out of the town when it’s done! Thanks… Tim

  10. Hi Tim,

    You’re a little behind the times! Tongass Fjords X has been released for several months now. We modeled the waterfront, complete with Lloyd Roundtree Seaplane Facility, and the land-based airport as well. You can see more on the product page at

  11. Thanks, I can’t wait to get it now, it will be fun flying in and out of my home. Thanks alot!!!

  12. very disappointed. i thought this would be photo real!

  13. Steven, I’m not sure what led you to believe that, but there aren’t enough good source photos to make that possible. We had to scrape and look under a few rocks to even find the ones that we incorporated for the urban areas. Alaska is simply not well documented in that way.

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