Boeing’s Museum of Flight

Sometimes it’s nice to get out from behind the keyboard and explore the so-called “real world”. I got up at the crack of dawn yesterday, tanked up on coffee, and pointed my truck north up I-5. A friend of mine had complimentary tickets to the Museum of Flight at Boeing Field in Seattle, and after jawing about it for a few weeks, we decided to go for it.

If you’re an aviation nut, this place is the closest thing to nirvana you’re likely to find. The main body of the museum is a massive greenhouse-like structure, jammed with everything from flying cars and pedal-powered planes to the Wright Flyer situated across from an SR-71 Blackbird.

After several hours in the main hall, we grabbed a bite to eat and headed for dessert — the warbirds wing. It’s set up in two storeys; the lower level is dedicated to WWII, the upper level to WWI and the beginnings of flight. Not only is their impressively broad collection on display, but it’s staged beautifully and interspersed with dozens of interesting sidebar exhibits that include everyday ephemera from the period.

Click the photo to see the whole collection of pics. Sorry for the quality of some of the warbird shots; the lighting is low and dramatic in that wing, and my camera doesn’t cope well with it. You’ll get the idea anyway.


One response to “Boeing’s Museum of Flight

  1. Very nice photographs and it’s an extensive collection. Very nice company to the Air Force Museum at Wright Patterson. I’ve been there four times and still have’t seen all there is. My legs just gave out.
    Who sponsors this museum? It must cost a fortune in restoration costs. Do they have the Boeing Stratoliner there? The first pressurized airliner in the world. That brought a lot of hope to a country that was deep into the depression.

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