Plum Island Reviewed on Screenshot Artist

Nick Churchill just published a review of Plum Island on his site, Screenshot Artist. Many thanks to Chris Palmer for the words, and of course to Nick for the stunning-as-usual screenshots that accompany them.


Salute, guys!


2 responses to “Plum Island Reviewed on Screenshot Artist

  1. Great review with gorgeous screenshots. It makes this product look sooo tempting. There really is shortage of good GA airports in FSX and Plum Island just seems too good to be true. This airport would be perfect base for my virtual whiskey smuggling runs with Pilatus Porter 🙂

  2. Plum Island is an incedible addon!! Love it.. Now if any developer (Bill) wants another challenge, may I suggest the airport where I recieved my Private Pilots License.. WV12.. Mallory Airport, which is about 15 miles SW of Charleston, West Virginia.. It’s 1800 feet long one way in, one way out! Plus has a dog-leg curve near the end!! look up the airport on youtube.. I’d love to see this in FSX..

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