Ground Polygon Design Tutorial on SimPilotNet

ground-poly-layersHeads up, anyone interested in scenery design: Christian Stock has just published a tutorial I wrote for him on how I designed the runway ground polys for Plum Island. It’s a little wonky, but for anyone who’s ever been interested in how flightsim airports are made, this is a peek behind the curtain. You can see it here.

4 responses to “Ground Polygon Design Tutorial on SimPilotNet

  1. Great Tutorial, I tried it and got it to work, but the rotation of the runway was off a degree or so. Does this happen and do you correct it by changing the bgl file when exporting from gmax

  2. Thanks! I’ve found the easiest way to control rotation is to rotate in Gmax and export again. Gmax allows you to rotate in miniscule sub-degree increments. You can only rotate in full degrees within the exported BGL.

  3. I just figured it out..Thanks again

  4. Hello spotlope, I have a problem with software imagetool.exe for FS2004.We invite you view image attachments , when I DTX3, alpha channels at will, even when exported to DTX1, phenomena such as the attached image.We wish you my answers and support. Thank you.

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