Plum Island Goes Beta

The time has come for a little testing. After about six weeks of modeling, I assembled a small (but surprisingly elite!) team of testers, who are busily whacking away at the scenery as I type this. It took about five minutes for the first report to come in — a new personal best for me. Turns out I had left in some strange and somewhat idiotic things. I guess that’s what testing is all about!

While the pit crew takes apart the the scenery and reassembles it, here are some more of the details that made it into beta 1:

While I was busy snapping pics at Plum Island, my wife was chatting up the airport manager at the closer picnic table. The farther one had just gotten a new coat of varnish and was a little sticky. I did Steve a favor and varnished the other one, too.

Some visitors have happened by for a little morning flying. Each of these vehicles has a story…

…especially this one, my 1996 Ford Ranger. Yep, it made it all the way from Portland to Plum Island for the shoot.

What’s up this weekend? The bulletin board says there’s an airshow scheduled. Now I’m picturing the Blue Angels trying to take off from that craggy tarmac. Not a pretty thought.

I’ll probably have one or two more posts while the testers do their thing, then it’s off to the market shelves!


10 responses to “Plum Island Goes Beta

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  2. Hm looks great. I certainly appreciated your Dillingham so this one might end up on my system as well!

  3. What’s this Dillingham?

  4. Venturing off the sofa again, Helldiver? He’s talking about Aerosoft’s “Hawaii Dillingham X” scenery, done by yours truly and released a while back. You can find it on their site here.

  5. Oooooohhh, Noooooo! – not Mr. Aerosoft.
    I once bought the Moscow Scenery from them and then my hard drive packed up. I went back to them for a refill and they couldn’t find my name. I told them I was a Vet from WWII and also a senior citizen.
    I believe that they’re all Nazis.
    They accused me of stealing the damn Moscow scenery.

  6. Wow, I think these shots are great and I would definitely purchase “Plum Island” when it comes out. These pics are so realistic, it just pulls you right into the scene.
    Congradulations on a super looking scenery.

    And, I will be getting the Dillingham pack as I’ve seen that a few times and I really was impressed by it.

  7. Thanks Dprod. We’re in the second round of testing now, so it shouldn’t be too much longer. I’ll make a big noise about it when it’s finally available.

  8. Helldiver, sorry to hear about your problems with Aerosoft. They’re a reputable company, and usually bend over backwards to make sure the customers are happy. I have no idea what happened with your Moscow purchase, but I’ve never heard of someone getting shut out like that by them. Did you ever resolve your problem?

  9. Nope, it wasn’t worth the effort. When I gets mad, I stay mad.

  10. Umm that Anonymous was me. I though I had included my nickname…sorry about that.

    Looking forward to the release, just saw Nick Churchill’s screenies and it looks like a really special place!

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