North Shore – Days 29-31

Details, details. They make small airport scenery great, and they can really bog down development. An entire day (okay, several hours) swirled down the drain while I added the old-fashioned reel mower attachments for the Ford tractors. I probably made them at least three times until I finally settled on a shape that looked right to me.

There’s a smaller mower as well; a Simplicity lawn tractor that’s used for touch-up jobs. Again, say sayonara to another day.

And then this morning, I created the airport sign and added it and the tractors into the sim. That’s always the fun part, placing the objects and seeing them in their natural habitat, as it were.

Now there’s no excuse for the grass not being cut, or for folks not knowing what airport they’re gawking at! As near as I can tell, this concludes the major modeling. Now I’ll get to work on the myriad of even smaller details, and a smidgen of off-airport building as well. Yep, flash you saw was a tiny light at the end of the tunnel.


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