North Shore – Day 28

It’s been a lunar month since I first sat down to build this scenery. As usual, I underestimated how long it would take to complete—I think I said something like three weeks to myself. Hah! Anyway, it’s getting pretty close to done. Today’s to-do item was creating a model of the Ford N-series tractors that keep the runway grass short enough to land on. It was an exercise in low-poly modeling to create an illusion of high detail. Mostly, I leaned on the textures to do the detailing, counting on the equipment being viewed from a modest distance.

Here you see it in Max with the edge highliting turned on. It’s definitely a fairly low-poly model. In the game, it carries through with the illusion fairly well:

I’ve got to create the mowing attachment, which is essentially a set of old-fashioned reel mowers on steroids, all linked together. It oughtn’t to be too tough.

Of course, that’s coming from the guy who estimated three weeks to completion.


2 responses to “North Shore – Day 28

  1. This is too awesome! You even got the tractors. Unbelievale. You are definitely a master of your art.

  2. Hello Hi I Like 3d software it is beautifl software. this software not compdesition all software.

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