North Shore – Day 27

After all these years building scenery, today was a first for me. I made an airplane! A glider, to be precise, the Schweitzer 2-22 that lives in the grass at Plum Island. It turned out to be simpler than I expected, although it’s a lot less detailed than an actual FS aircraft would be, using photo textures masked the simplicity of it and made it acceptable as scenery.

First, some background. Here’s the real thing parked at 2B2:

I found a small, low-res 3-view drawing that worked okay in Max and started building…

After about 5 hours work (hey, I never said I was fast), the sim version was ready to roll onto the grass at the sim 2B2.

Next up: tractors!


4 responses to “North Shore – Day 27

  1. Wow, looks excellent Bill. If you release this scenery I bet people will ask whether the aircraft is flyable anyway 😉

  2. Thanks, Sebastian. It’s edging up on done now… much to my excitement. I want it out there in the world!

  3. There’s about five or six flights in the glider each weekend day during the summer. It’s towed behind the Olive Drab L-19. The charge is $75 bucks a ride which lasts between an half hour to 3/4 of an hour.

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