North Shore – Day… 18? 20?

How long have I been working on this project? Seems like it must be over three weeks now, but I’ve lost count. The last couple of days have been spent mired in building the deceptively complex fuel pump at Plum Island airport. I probably could have short-circuited the process by simplifying it, but this is exactly the kind of detail people are looking for in a small airport scenery and besides, it’s what I enjoy doing. So here you go, after two and a half partial days of building, I give you the cheapest Avgas on earth… virtual 100LL at 2B2.

Three more complex models await; the Schweitzer glider, a Simplicity lawn tractor, and an old beat-up Ford farm tractor. I might have to take tomorrow off and tend to some real-world stuff, but I’ll jump on those after that.


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