North Shore – Day 6

I’ll say this once (again) and then I’m done: I hate autogen annotating. It’s tiresome, boring, unrelenting work. At least when I’m done the result is fun to look at, though. I spend somewhere in the neighborhood of 6 hours today with my head down, drawing thousand

s of little rectangles on the screen. The result (below) is the town of Newburyport, Massachusetts. For my money, you can’t beat a nice high-res aerial shot with carefully aligned autogen overlaid. Anyway, I’m too strung out to say much more. Think I’ll go have a beer and celebrate the birth of a town.

Newburyport autogen 1

Newburyport autogen 2

Newburyport autogen 3


5 responses to “North Shore – Day 6

  1. Bill, would it be possible to upload the pictures to photobucket or some other place where pictures can be viewed without having to sign in some forum?

    I’m unable to register myself an account with Sim Outhouse, since I have a Google mail account and, for some reason, these mail accounts are not accepted on registration.

  2. Sorry, Sebastian, I didn’t realize you had to sign in to see them. I’ll see what I can do about it today.

  3. I agree with you. Autogen annotating is totally boring and tiring! I always wish someone else could do it for me. In the end though, the result is nice, just like in your pictures.

  4. Thanks Bill, now the pictures will even display in the Google Reader. Nice! 🙂

  5. No problemo, Sebastian. Thanks for pointing out the problem.

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