New Work in Progress – Massachusetts North Shore

Hey, look! Bill posted a blog entry! Just to dispel rumors that I’m dead or have given up on FS, I’m starting a series of progress articles for a small project I’m working on currently. Last week, I went on vacation with my wife to a conference in Beverly, Massachusetts. While my better half did her attendee thing, I was free to roam about New England in search of… well, whatever. What I found (in addition to excellent lobster rolls) were a couple of small airports with great regional charm. I liked them so much that I arranged to do photo shoots in each so I could model them for FS.

What I’ll be showing here is the first airport on my list, Plum Island. According to the airport owner, this is the oldest continuously operating airport in the U.S. (interestingly, I’ve heard that claim made about Pearson Field here in the Northwest as well). It’s a tiny field full of L-10 Birddogs, a glider, and a smattering of other GA planes.

What struck me about this field, as much as its New England charm, was the surrounding salt marshes and Plum Island itself. Fortunately, there is high-res aerial photography available from the USGS for this area. Unfortunately, it’s not the best quality. Below are the shots I have to start with. Follow along as I turn this into a flightsim environment…


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