Sharpening the Saw at Emma Field

By now the word has leaked out about a couple of mysterious strangers who showed up at Emma Field last week. They had briefcases of money, and didn’t say much to anyone. The last we saw of them, they were vanishing into the woods near Uncle Elmer’s cabin.

All of a sudden, things are looking up at sleepy old Emma. Cans of paint have appeared from nowhere, spindly scaffolding has been erected along one side of Fritz’s hangar, and the rap of hammering drifts above the treeline. Even the old yellow dog that rarely ventures from under his tree has been on the prowl, sniffing with curiosity.

Folks, we’re back in business. Fresh contract in hand, yours truly and Holger Sandmann (everyone’s favorite landscaper) have been tasked with rebuilding Emma from the ground up. It’s a big responsibility, and one we don’t take lightly. Why do you think we’ve got all these sandwiches with us? The job: carry Emma into the new world of FSX without tarnishing her character or tarting her up too much. We’ve thrown our backs into the project already, and pretty soon we’ll have a status report for you. In the meantime, please pardon our dust…


One response to “Sharpening the Saw at Emma Field

  1. Greetings from the UK. I re-installed FS9 just so as I could get Emma back ‘cos I enjoyed it so much. It’s great that Emma will be re-born for FSX!!!!!!!

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