New goodies for FSX

I’ve had my head down, trying to finish Dillingham. While I’ve been hunkered down, some fun addons for FSX have been released, with others coming very soon.

Digital Aviation’s Dornier Do-27
The Do-27 came along late in the game for FS9. After some tinkering to make it compatible with FSX SP1, the next version is now ready. It’s a great little bush plane, long on rugged even if it’s a little goofy looking. Seems like it’d be an ideal bush plane. The thing I love most about this rendition is the character. This is a quirky beast, and you have to treat it right to keep it happy. The systems and failure modeling is dramatically more advanced than most light aircraft, and it keeps you on your toes. It’s hard to imagine a dull flight in a Do.

Ultimate Terrain X USA
I was a fan of Ultimate Terrain in FS9. With the more accurate US coastline and hydrology in FSX, I wondered if UT would be necessary. Answer: YES. Combine this package with Justin Tyme’s gorgeous US 9.6m terrain mesh, and you have an incredibly detailed USA just begging to be explored.

RealAir Simulations Citabria/Decathlon/Scout Package for FSX
Five aircraft variants, from aerobatic to amphibian to tundra-wheeled bush plane, are included in this download. If you loved them in FS9, picking this up is a no-brainer. Rob Young has tuned the flight models to work beautifully in FSX, and of course the models are spectacular as always. Ditto the gauges, with their liquid-smooth motion. If you fancy taking a light plane for a spin (literally), these are the ones. Good simple bush haulers, too. As an added bonus, my Bear Gulch Aviation scenery has been upgraded for FSX and is included in the package.


Vancouver+ for FSX!
Jon Patch and Holger Sandmann, along with a host of other devs, have been working their virtual butts off finishing this scenery. It’s a sprawling package, covering a large swath of B.C. in and around Vancouver. Holger recently posted a tour of some of the features that’s worth a look. This promises to be one of the best scenery packages yet for FSX. And it’ll be out very, very soon now.

It’s Your Plane
This addon features Michelle, your virtual copilot, who responds to voice commands and interacts with you to lighten the cockpit workload. I had the pleasure to take part in the early beta phases of IYP. When I heard the concept, I was a little dubious, especially because I’m mainly a GA flyer. Once I trained my voice recognition software and got it working, however, I was blown away. She runs down the checklists, tunes the radios, prompts you when it’s time for you to do something, and generally keeps an eye on the flight. If you’re like me and enjoy and occasional airliner flight but don’t have the time to learn each system inside and out, Michelle is a huge help. Coming very soon: support for FSX.

There are tons of other great FSX addons either newly released or in the pipeline. Those are just a few that came to mind on a lazy Sunday afternoon.


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