Back in the Saddle

My wife and I just got back from a lovely 5-day trip to the other coast. She was attending the first annual encaustic painting conference, but I tagged along to just wander around and do nothing. We stayed in Salem, Massachusetts, just up the road from Boston. It’s a fantastic city, steeped in a rich history (although a little too hung up on the whole witch thing for my taste). The conference ended on Sunday, so we went to Boston together on Monday for a little sightseeing. The Salem ferry, a high-speed catamaran, swept us from the Salem wharf to Boston’s waterfront in 45 minutes. In the last stage of the trip, the ferry route crosses under the approach path to Boston Logan airport, and we got to see a couple of landings from underneath. This was our first trip to Boston, but definitely not the last! Below are a few shots from the ferry ride.

Boston Skyline from the deck of the Salem Ferry Masts of one of the tall ships in Boston Harbor Unique view of a 737 on final approach to Logan


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