FSX: Relief for the Blurries

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13 responses to “FSX: Relief for the Blurries

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  3. Could you please tell me exactly where the fsx.cfg file is? Forgive my ignorance, but I have no idea and these blurries are driving me nuts! Thank you.

  4. “Where’s my fsx.cfg file” is a question I’ve seen asked often. A quick Google search turned up this: http://flyawaysimulation.com/postt23414.html

  5. the ‘mipbias=n’ must be for older versions of Nvidia cards. When added to my fsx.cfg it caused my graphics to ‘shimmer’. (EVGA Nvidia 260)
    But thanks for the tip.

  6. It’s a two stage process, Capn. You have to include the mipbias line in your fsx.cfg, and set your Negative LOD Bias to “Clamp” in your nVidia control panel. Together, they work well. If you forget the negative LOD bias, you get shimmering.

  7. please detail how to get into video settings, advanced settings.

  8. Michael,

    It depends on which version of the nVidia drivers you’re using. In my current setup (driver version 178.24), I right-click on my desktop and choose “NVIDIA Control Panel”, then select “Advanced Settings” from the menu at the top of the panel, “Manage 3D settings” from the select a task column, and the “Texture filtering – negative LOD bias” item from there. Older versions of the driver work differently, but this should be how recent versions of the driver work.

  9. Hi, Thanks but i have set Negative LOD Bias to clamp in the Nvidia control panel and i’ve added the line MipBias=6 in the fsx.cfg, but still my textures are shimmering.

    Thanks for your help

    • If you’re still getting shimmering, the next thing to try is to bump down the “mipbias=” number by one at a time. So try 5 next and see how it looks. If you have to, move it down to 4.

  10. hi guyz!…i found out something, that could change your VFR flights forever.In FSX, when you start your session, if you press the F12 key on keybord,you’ll see your airplane from above..now, if you “zoom” out of it (a lot out of it),you’ll see a BIG circle around your airplane.This big “circle” represents the “LOD RADIUS” in your fsx.cfg file…now if you noticed, the default setting goes like this: LOD RADIUS=4.500000 ….This means that the “level of detail around your plane” is curently showing the ONLY 4.5% from your 100% detailed ground textures.I changed it to 12.500000 and now my detail is much more clearer around…but beware though!! I have only 4GB of Ram and it almost reaches the full capacity of my memory….sometimes the game crashes…So…i came to the conclusion that if i use more then 4GBytes of Ram, then i could turn the LOD RADIUS much more higher….well thats it for now…i hope it was helpfull 🙂
    …Dimitri from Greece….

  11. hey guys the trick worked perfectly
    but i c that the line gets automatically erased after 2 to 3 different loadings of scenery
    (shifting the location ,etc)

    any help?

  12. Gia sou re dimitri! Very good advice indeed. Use the radius along with FSX Booster for decent frame-rates and then you ll have FSX at its best. George from athens

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