Flight Simulator X SP1 Released!

After months of grueling work (and some pretty hairy testing, too), I’m delighted to report that the Microsoft Aces team have released Service Pack 1 (SP1) for FSX. I had the privilege to be among the beta testers, and it was quite a learning experience watching this patch grow. I predict it’ll do much to push FSX into broader acceptance. Go get it!

For more detailed info on what’s new, check out Phil Taylor’s blog.


5 responses to “Flight Simulator X SP1 Released!

  1. Just how does one become a beta tester?

    I’m happy with my results, even though the fact still remains the Direct X 10 patch is the big player now. 😉

    Are you happy with the results?

  2. I think you have to be invited to be a tester; at least I was. Being a vocal advocate for FS helps, writing “M$” on your blog postings does not. It’s common sense.

    Yes, I’m very happy with my results using SP1. My hardware is aging, and is heavily taxed by FSX, but using SP1 I can finally fly with fluid frame rates in the high 20’s to 30’s, which is all I need. I groan thinking about the DX10 patch, ’cause I’m going to have to completely rebuild my system to run it. That’ll call for big bucks I don’t have to blow on gaming hardware at the moment. So for now, color me happy.

  3. I see, the main thing I noticed about FSX is at around 15 FPS the game is fluid compared to previous versions. Amazing, quality. I did get extra FPS and am very satisfied.

    You can get a nice gaming PC for under 1500 as a custom build by yourself.

    Go to Flightsimworld.com sign up, make a topic in tech discussion and have Sgt. Pepper at the end of the title of the topic. I would be more than glad to help you.

    Maybe even 1200 or less.

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  5. Cripes, I built my system with a AMD dual core 3800+ 1 Gig of ram 350 Watt power supply, 200 gig hard drive space, and a DX 10 Compatible video card the 8600 for about $500. I know it’s not top of the line but It sure does alot, haven’t loaded FS X yet but It’ll be SWEET!

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