Tweaking Your FSX World

Here are a few ways I’ve found to make the world even more impressive looking in FSX:

1. If you fly inland a lot, consider replacing the file. The one I’ve been using is from a French site, so the instructions for use are in French, but it’s a no-brainer to install. Just unzip the DDS image to your root FSX/Texture folder and you’ll have smaller, more tightly spaced waves, making for realistic inland water. Don’t forget to back up your original file, though! Download at LibertySim (click Télécharger la texture)

2. Replacement Trees! There’s a good set of replacement tree textures in several variations on Avsim. Look for TreeX v.1.1. The package not only offers good looking photo-realistic trees, but has several sizes, so you can choose performance over quality, or vice versa.

3. Shameless plug for payware: If you fly in the conterminous U.S., Justin Tyme has just released his U.S. National Landclass file for FSX. It helps the FSX world conform more to the one under out feet. It’s a good companion to his high-res North American Terrain mesh, which is spectacular.

By the time FS9 reached the zenith of its operational life, I had replaced the environment files (sky color, water texture and colors), the terrain textures, the autogen textures, the mesh, the vector features such as hydrology and coastlines, and the landclasses. Finally, everything looked so immersive you’d swear you were in the real thing. FSX is so new that some of these items aren’t available yet, but given the short time it’s been on the market, the additions and tweaks you can already find are fairly amazing.

Please, feel free to add to my list with your comments. I’d be very interested in knowing what other tweaks you’ve tried to make your digital world a little less “virtual”.


3 responses to “Tweaking Your FSX World

  1. Hi Bill,

    Maybe you can help – I’m getting some serious shimmering/flickering of my autogen trees in FSX. Can’t seem to find the right videocard/fsx.cfg settings to get rid of them. I’m running a XFX 7950 gx2 card and using the same settings that make fs9 run with no shimmers fsx looks horrible.
    Wondering if you have experienced this and found a solution.


  2. I haven’t had that particular problem, Bob. Flickering is generally a problem with Anti-aliasing and Anisotropic filtering settings on the vid card. What’re your AA and AF settings in your video control panel? You might also check to see what level of Anti-aliasing is set in FSX’s settings. I have mine on “Trilinear” with no problems. I used to run it on “Anisotropic”, but found a slight performance boost with little visual difference by bumping it down one notch.

  3. Hi Bill,

    Think your right – something to do with the vid card.
    FS9 is running so good I don’t want to try different drivers.

    Currently have AA at 8xs and AF at 16x, which works great for fs9 but fsx back to the old flickering problem.

    Oh well guess I’ll just stick with fs9.

    Thanks, Bob

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