Boys and Their Toys

Lest I come off like a sad sack for all my moaning about the weather in Hawaii, there were some definite highlights to the trip. One of them was being the guest of the Paradise Flyers, a radio-controlled aircraft club that fly on weekends at the Kaneohe Marine Base. I spent last Sunday morning with them, and was knocked out by the variety of aircraft on display, from WWII fighters to civilian aerobatics birds–even a brace of jets! That’s right, some of these fellas actually build and fly jet-powered RC fighters. I knew this technology existed, but hadn’t seen it in action before. They’re not small, and from the peek I had inside, they’re definitely complex beasts. But when they light the fires, oh baby… the smell of kerosene permeating the air, the roar of that miniature jet, the rush of hot wind as the nozzle turns your way. It’s magic! I’ve uploaded a vid of an F-16 in action.

By the way, if you start thinking about how much these things must cost, I’ll remind you that if you tally up the expense of buying and maintaining a bleeding-edge computer, along with all the software and add-ons required for a top-notch flight simulating experience, you’re probably already in league with these tiny jet drivers. It’s something to think about… just don’t let your wife know you’re thinking it.


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