Home Again

My better half and I got back into Portland on Tuesday night, the sand still in our toes even though we had to bundle up against the chilly Oregon night. All in all, we’ve had better trips than this foray into Hawaii, but the vacation had its high points. Flying-wise, it was pretty interesting. I took a drive up the north shore on Saturday, around to Dillingham airfield (PHDH), which I discovered was a charming little airport, full of local character. I was so enamored with it that I whipped out my camera and commenced to photographing every angle of it I could find, with the idea of perhaps creating versions for FS9 and FSX at some point soon.

Oceanic Flight 815One of the more interesting finds on the field was a fenced-off area with aircraft wreckage. Fans of TV’s “LOST” will immediately know where this came from. And yes, the Beech B18 that bore Mr. Eko’s brother out of Africa, the one that later crushed Boone, was also lying in a rusty heap in the same scrap pile. Fun stuff!


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