Remember that breathless post I made a few weeks ago, all about how I was pining for Hawaii? I couldn’t wait to get out of Portland and into some warm weather and bury my feet in the sand. Here’s an update: we’ve been in the islands for three days now. Three days of uninterrupted nasty weather, mainly in the form of wind (lots of it) and rain. Sure, it’s interesting to see what winter can be like here from a weather geek point of view. But so far, the sum total of our beach time is about an hour at Sunset beach, on O’ahu’s North Shore, and that was a trip made mainly to see the 20′ surf. Impressive? You bet. But damn, I’d like to be able to go outside again. I’ll close now before the weather brings down the ‘net connection, power, or both.



One response to “Paradise?

  1. Ha, you can see 20′ surf at Yakutat….&rain….&wind…..&etc

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