Blown Away Again Today!

Okay, this is getting ridiculous. It’s day three of our Hawaiian oddysey, and if anything the winds today were the strongest yet. It’s been a sort of hurricane in a teacup all day long, with winds raging down the windward slopes of the Koolau mountains and tearing into Kailua, where we’re staying. It was so crazy, I had to brave the tempest today and take a video. Here’s hoping tomorrow is somewhat calmer!


2 responses to “Blown Away Again Today!

  1. We had similar weather here recently Bill, lost a lot of slates off the roof! However today is bright and sunny and feels like glorious spring. Doesn’t help you of course, I just wanted to brag 😉

    I hope it clears up for you soon.


    Ps. Lilley may need a handyman after your weather…..

  2. Heck, we’ve had 5 weeks of continuous storms here in Holland….. and no winter. Seems to be the same everywhere (although there was SNOW today… Yay !!!

    Thanks for the video.. at least it matches with the views you showed me on Google Earth the other day, minus the storm .

    Seriously, hope the weather clears soon.. this is too bad !


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