Sunny Skies and 80

I’m counting down the days… only three weeks until my wife and I take off to pay a family visit to her hometown, which just happens to be Kailua, Hawaii. Oh man, I can already feel the silky sands of Lanikai beach between my toes. For the unfortunates stuck in the colder climes, here’s a fun pick-me-up: I use Firefox as my primary browser, and have installed the ForecastFox extension for it, which gives a graphical display of the week’s weather in the status bar at the bottom of the browser. In anticipation of our trip, I’ve set the zip code for it to check to “96734”, the address of our Hawaiian relatives.


Ahh, that’s better. I can just close the blinds, turn up the heat, and I’m there.


2 responses to “Sunny Skies and 80

  1. Hi Bill,
    Why don’t you install that new Hawaii Megascenery for FSX and see if you can spot your relatives house?

  2. Good idea, Bob. I have the FS9 version (which is fantastic BTW) and I managed to spot her house in it. The FSX version ought to be even clearer.

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