Monday Morning Update

It’s a dreary winter Monday here in Portland. I took the dog for a long walk up the slope of Mt. Tabor (our neighborhood volcano) at first light, the came back, dried off, and settled in to do some reading and forum surfing while sipping hot coffee. Monday morning is as good a time as any to take stock of what’s on the plate, prioritizing and ordering my projects for the week. Here are a few things that are in the near to mid-term future:

  • RealAir sceneries updated for FSX
    I did the original RAF West Malling circa 1943, and Bear Gulch Aviation sceneries that were included in the RealAir Spitfire and Scout aircraft releases, respectively. The West Malling package is nearly complete. I’m at a decision point now as to whether I’ll make a version that blends with the Horizon UK VFR scenery or not… unsure of which way I’ll go just yet. The Bear Gulch scenery is nearly complete as well. Look for those to be included in the FSX versions of the aircraft when RealAir release them.
  • New Bear Gulch Scenery
    In the process of creating the FSX Bear Gulch, I came across aerial photos of the real end of Lake Cushman, and started playing around with some FSX-native techniques for incorporating phototerrain and some new vector terrain features into the scenery. This lead to some inspiration, and a plan for a much expanded and more interesting Bear Gulch, unique to FSX. I’m planning it as a stand-alone scenery at the moment. It’s so much more work that I decided not to package that version with the Scout, but instead offer it as a low-cost stand-alone addon. I’ll post some photos when it’s far enough along to look interesting.
  • FSX Mission Creation
    Like a lot of devs, I’m still reading through the new SDK docs, trying to make sense of everything. I’m getting a sense of how I’d work the new techniques into my workflow, especially as it pertains to missions. As I’ve mentioned before, the very idea of missions sets my blood to racing, combining as it does both FS and narrative fiction. Look for more on this soon as well.
  • Planning for CYVR
    Jon Patch and I are working on plans for the next generation of Vancouver, Int’l Airport for FS. This includes integrating the new FSX modeling techniques into the process, and solving the vexing “round Earth ground poly” problem as well. More on that when there’s forward movement.

Anyway, that’s what occupying me at the moment. Oh yes, and also working on shoring up the structure and characters for my novel, The Big Spin, which I’d originally slated to have finished in first draft form this year. With three weeks remaining, that goal is still disappointingly distant. I will get there, though.


One response to “Monday Morning Update

  1. I will get a new whiteboard under the Christmas tree….. it is twice the size as the one I have now….. needed more room for all my ‘to-do’ lists on it…. sounds familiar ?? :-))


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