FSX Missions: Possible!

I’ve recently added a new entry to my list of FS Web must-sees. This time, it’s a site heavily weighted towards the nascent but growing field of FS missions–specifically for FSX. The site is called FSXMission.com, and it’s clearly beginning to pick up momentum. I watched a great video tutorial on mission creating today by a helpful author who seems to want to remain anonymous (either that, or I just totally missed his credit) that was linked to on the main tutorials page. Their forums also seem to be receiving a bit of traffic. If you’re at all interested in creating missions, this site is a must-see. Even if you aren’t a developer, but just want to find some more interesting missions to fly, this site should be in your bookmarks.


2 responses to “FSX Missions: Possible!

  1. Hi Bill,

    I spotted this one too about the same time… hmmm, interesting stuff indeed. Now if I could find the time to futz with just one more thing flightsim related ;).

  2. Hi Folks

    Flight Simulator X Missions

    This site has replaced the unmaitained site at FSXMission.com

    See you there.


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